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Before continuing on this tutorial, please be advised that we will not be held liable for any damages this may cause you or someone beyond your control. Please use this in your own risk!

Do you want to know how to get free credit cards or how to do basic carding in the easiest way for beginners like us? So before continuing, we need to have this tools installed at our own computers or laptops. Note, this tutorial is exclusive only for desktop users. If you are using an android phone then we may expose another tutorial for android users. If you'd want to continue, you can also do this at some computer shops wherein you are allowed to download programs from web sources.

Havij 1.6 Pro
Carding Dorks
Vulnerable Sites

You can download the above tools at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] If you want to do this with a different IP Address then I recommend you to download VPN Software online. Some of the best softwares are Hotspot Shield, Express VPN and Hola VPN.

The first step is finding vulnerable shopping sites online using your downloaded google dorks and sqli-db. If you already know basic SQL Injections then you can skip this part and start to look for vulnerable shopping sites online.

First of all you need to find vulnerable shopping websites or find websites that requires payment option where one of it’s pages is vulnerable to SQL Injection. To do so, follow the below steps:

1. First, you need to download the dork list above by choosing to like our page, tweet our site or follow our Google+ Account. Choose any of the following dorks and paste it into the SQLi-DB software.
2. If SQLi-DB is not responding or it requires you to input a captcha code then it means that it is not working in your computer and you need to find the websites manually. If you know SQL Injections then you can do it easily.
3. To find vulnerable websites using SQLi-DB, just paste the google dork on the textbox and set it up. Choose your desired search engine, remove the duplicate results and choose either to do a simple or a deep scan.
4. To find vulnerable websites manually, you need to do it using google dorks and google.com. You can find SQL Injection tutorials on the internet.
5. After finding vulnerable websites, you can now proceed to the next step which is where you get the data from the website’s database.

After finding a vulnerable website, you need now to get all of the data from the site’s database including the accessible columns, rows and texts. To do it easily, you need to use Havij. Right click on the Havij file and click run as administrator and accept the corresponding info.

1. Paste the vulnerable website on Havij’s textbox and click analyze. After clicking analyze, it will do all the work from finding the database details and finding the available columns. Then after all the work is done, you will see a response from the Havij’s Command Section showing all the details from the website.
2. You now need to get the tables and columns of the website. To do it, click on “Get Tables” and then click “Get Columns”. Havij will do it’s job and you just need to wait.
3. After finding all the available tables and columns, look for the column named orders. Some website changes it’s name so you just need to find where it is exactly located. If you already found it, check the box on it’s left side and click “Get Data”. Wait until the searching is finished and after everything is done, you can find all the credit card transactions and informations.

And that's it. This is the basic and easiest way of getting free credit cards for aspiring beginners like us. If you liked this article, don't forget to share this to your friends and like our page. Expect more and more tutorials and raffles from this page. Good day!
Like dont share this is conflicated!!!

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